4 I’s of Excellence


Our excellence is built on a platform which stands for accuracy and efficiency in conducting an appraisal.

Interview – We ask a series of questions about your property and your business to give us an idea of which direction we need to move. This information gathering stage is critical to give our team a sense of what we need to look for as we tour your property and assess its value.

Inspection – Certified appraisers scrutinize every square inch of your property, assessing the quality and suitability to get to the true value of your home/business. We note unique value-building qualities and take record of the surrounding neighborhood to view the entire scope of your property.

In-Depth Analysis – With an analysis of the property, we go to work assessing all pertinent information, factors influencing the neighborhood, direction of the local housing market, and cost to rebuild on the land. All of this is done with our unrivaled market knowledge as well as deep statistical analysis that no appraisal firm can match.

Immaculate Reports – We present you an unbiased report that is unrivaled in its accuracy, saving you time and effort in fact checking.You can be confident that the appraisal provided in your HMS report discloses a fair and accurate value for your property. It’s the end result of our commitment to HMS Excellence.