About HMS


Having grown in Brooklyn since 1998, HMS Associates has established itself as a premier real estate appraisal firm, providing residential and commercial appraisals on request with HMS Excellence. Our clients range from financial institutions to law firms to individual home and business owners that need to know their property value throughout the New York City tri-state area.

Our highly trained staff of lifetime real estate professionals operates quickly and efficiently to respond to perform site inspections, property research, market evaluations, and real estate appraisals. We leave the mark of HMS Excellence on every report submitted and treat every client to the same high standard of service.

HMS Excellence is built on a platform of 4 I’s; Interview, Inspection, In-Depth Analysis, and Immaculate Reports. Our system stands for accuracy and efficiency, taking every extra measure to ensure your property is valued quickly and correctly. This means a faster turnaround, more accurate value and less fact-checking on your part.

How do we do it? We couple intimate market knowledge with intensive number crunching in a process that gets to the true value of a property. It takes more than a cursory understanding of the market to truly assess a residential or commercial property’s worth. We understand it both as an asset and an investment.